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SAEI is interested in supporting self-reliance and improvement of the livelihood of the community in which we work. We look out for existing government policies to find out how they are linked to our goals and we herald it diligently so as to contribute ... read more


We operate a grant scheme that will empower youth, single mothers and widows with an investment capital to support innovative but disadvantaged young people and poor single mothers and ... read more

About Us

Our environment is a reflection of our collective personalities, interests and ideologies. The birds of the air and the animals in the forest have all been trained from infancy to co-habit reasonably with the environment, no matter how little in intelligence they may be. However of all species, it is Mankind, the most intelligent who refuses to obey simple laid down natural laws. The fruit of this rebellion has produced environmental degradation, heightened risks of natural disasters and even resulted in grave climate change impacts.

At Sustain Africa, we are not just concerned about the environment in which we live, but we are doing our own part to sustain it! Since our Environment will also include the social and intangible as well as biophysical factors, we embark upon programs and projects that will bring a balance of these positions thereby creating the much desired synchrony between Mankind and his Environment.